Aims & Objectives

BAMNS is a collection of 15 Maintained Nursery Schools across Birmingham working collaboratively to achieve the following aims:

  1. To work collaboratively with other nursery schools to ensure the sustainability of high quality early education across Birmingham and beyond.
  2. To raise the profile of the unique nature of maintained nursery schools at both a local and national level.
  3. To understand and respond to the unique needs of the children and families in each nursery school community.
  4. To provide strategic support and challenge to leadership at all levels within a collaboration where every individual’s views are respected and values in a climate of mutual trust and shared commitment.
  5. To build capacity through the effective and innovative management of resources and income generation across the collaboration in order to remain financially sustainable.
  6. To work collaboratively and with other professionals, parents and carers to provide high quality, inclusive education for children with special rights, needs and entitlements.
  7. To quality assure policies and practices in place to that collaboration members maintain the highest levels of safeguarding.